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Why events management needs to prioritise tech

Technology has completely transformed every aspect of our lives. It’s difficult to find a part of your life that hasn’t been impacted by technology, but, it’s also become so embedded in our lives we don’t always notice how much we use technology. 

It’s been rejected in large by the events industry though with research saying only 3% of meeting spaces available have live-booking, and we’d like to know WHY. 

We can book our entire holiday online, have food delivered to our door, we can even have potatoes delivered to our enemies doors to spite them, so why is the events industry ignoring tech in its day-to-day? 

Well… We think there are a few reasons.

Event venues don’t tend to have tech teams working for them

So here’s the thing, we’re a tech company, not an events company, so we’re used to being able to whip things up in-house very quickly. However, we're not going to be able to host a tech exhibition because we don't have an in-house events team.

But that’s what makes collaboration as ridiculously good as it is. We've had outside help to get our Christmas party organised (and it was ace), to get branded goods made and all sorts of things we don't specialise in. In return, we build the tech the events industry needs. We also maintain and update it with feedback from our customers so on the rare occasion they need a feature we haven’t planned for, it can be ready for the next release. 

The fear factor

How many times have you heard people say technology is getting rid of jobs? How many times have you secretly feared our robot overlords are going to steal yours? Well... They’re all healthy fears to have, we’ve watched Terminator too, but they’re largely unfounded. Tech will certainly automate a lot of jobs, but, ones that rely on human interaction will be untouched for a long time. 

Did you know on average, an event manager spends 70% of their time dealing with admin? 

Think of it like this, do you really fear something that’s going to give you less admin and let you focus on the interesting aspects of your role?

Why does it need to be prioritised? 

No one likes admin 

Okay, maybe one person really loves admin, but I’m not sure I want to work with them. 

This follows directly on from people’s fear tech is just looking to steal all of our jobs, instead of streamlining them and making us far more effective at them. Remember banking before ATM's and online apps? Imagine doing accounts without any software, just you, a pen, and a big piece of paper.

Now imagine, you don’t have to chase payment because you have a system that’s automatically doing it for you, you don’t need to worry about getting overwhelmed and forgetting something because your system knows you well enough to build to-do lists with reminders. 

Your enquiries and bookings are automatically recorded so you can easily market lapsed enquiries and re-target repeat customers with special promotions and offers, or even just a nice festive card during the cold months. 

It gives you your time back 

You might not like admin but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take up the majority of your working life... which means you don’t have time to actually do all the bits of your job you want to do. Like being able to take on bigger events than ever before, finding new suppliers and entertainment to work with opening up new options, reinventing your menu, enticing enquiries into bookings and building relationships with your clientele. 

Reporting is necessary to improve 

Do you know how many visitors were on your site last month? Do you know your bounce rate? How are you storing enquiries? What’s your conversion rate? 

What’s your average event size? 

Knowing this information is incredibly interesting, but, honestly, sourcing it manually is incredibly boring which means either, you hate half your working day or you put it off. 

It creates a better experience for your customers

Building relationships with clientele is at the heart of the events industry; you care for so many special occasions, whether they be personal or business-related. You're also the face of the events that you manage so if you're stressed out or take days to respond because you're so busy, it's not setting up an at-ease customer.

The right software simply enables you to show yourself at your best, you’ve already freed up time but now, more than ever, it’s easier to keep track of communications so you’re not caught out, can always prep to make sure you can give that personal touch. 

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