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What makes a great events manager?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Some people seem like they’re made for a role, like you couldn’t imagine them doing anything else. They may be perfect for that role, or they may have nurtured their skills over years of hard grafting.

Whatever the case is, event managers all share a few common traits. Which are your strengths? Which do you maybe need to put a bit more work into to really elevate yourself? 

You have to like planning, or find satisfaction in it

This is probably the biggest, and most obvious, one but you really need to actually… enjoy planning. You’re probably not going to reach the upper echelon of the events industry if you would rather do anything than sit down and plan, in detail, what a two-day conference for 200 delegates might look like. 

There’s plenty of times you can just “wing it” but if you’re an events planner? It’s kind of expected you won’t just see how it goes on the night. It’ll be a good story to tell, but probably on your way out the door. 

Of course, you may also treat it like an art and struggle with the process but find the overwhelming pride at an event well planned at the end is enough to keep you passionate for the next event.

You have to like people

If you’re planning with events, you’re going to be liaising with a lot of people and, depending on the event, they might be pretty stressed out. 

You’re also going to have to deal with caterers, front of house staff, bartenders, light techs, DJ’s, designers and maybe even a magician if you play your cards right.

You’re also going to have to do it with a smile, while juggling their expectations against reality, guiding them through choices, scheduling and much more.

Now to us, that sounds pretty exhausting, but that’s why we make software.  

You need to be a details person

Even a simple event has many stages to it; from timings of coffee to floor plans and making sure everyone from the kitchen to the hostess has been filled in on their details. It also means throwing yourself into every aspect, you need to understand the kitchen to know their time capabilities or have a good awareness of your front of house team to know who will suit what position.

It’s definitely not a skill all of us have, a lot of us are good at seeing the overall picture but not so great at getting really stuck into the details so if it’s a skill you have, use it to your advantage!

If it’s one you’re still honing, thorough to-do lists are your best friend (lucky for you, Switch automates personalised to-do lists for every event) 

Preparations, preparation, preparation 

So you’ve planned the event perfectly… Every last detail is organised. Your team is feeling confident and ready for the night ahead and…  

The cater breaks down on the motorway and can’t make it anymore. 

Your DJ has an emergency and has to cancel last minute.

There’s an illness going around work and four members have staffed have had to call in sick. 

A guest takes advantage of the free-bar and really needs to leave.

Got a back-up plan? 

Hopefully, these things won’t happen, and especially not all on the same night, but being aware of what COULD go wrong means if it does, you’re more than ready to rise to the occasion. 

And, of course…

You need to be up to date with technology 

An events manager who is comfortable with technology will always have an edge over one who isn't. The right technology helps you build better relationships with your customers, as well as more easily keep track of their requests and needs. 

Technology doesn’t just help you stay more organised, it also helps you better manage your time, research suppliers, communicate, track trends, see what events are working and what aren’t and save you a lot of admin.

It’s your secret tool to help you hone your skills and support what you’re already great at.

Now, Switch can’t help with technology like drones or laser light shows, and we can’t do VR, but we can help make you the best event manager you can be with all our all-inclusive events management software. 

Book your demo with Switch today or drop us a line at

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