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We're all trying to find our way through this mess

Every day we encounter more personal and professional stories of struggle due to Covid-19. The best way to survive is to help someone else keep going.

Survival Instinct

When the hospitality sector lobbies for certainty around re-opening, review of social distancing rules and tax breaks it's not about carelessly selling F&B, party space and conferences, it is about preserving people's livelihoods.

Everyone is striking a balance between what is safe, the services people need to be able to access out of necessity, health or wellbeing, and battling a secondary economic crisis that have ramifications of its own.

We're no different to anyone else. We want to be utterly respectful of the current situation and simultaneously find a way to add enough immediate value to our products and services so that we can generate sales.


The creativity we've seen in the provision of virtual events, pop-up takeaway services and video marketing of spaces has been incredible.

Those actions have helped maintain profile, provide much needed services and will help shape a much broader service strategy going forward.

We too have tried to help where we can by repurposing our booking management software to provide takeaway ordering for pubs, click and collect for food banks and pre-booking desks to manage staff returning to offices safely.

We've even been exploring opportunities to look at the NHS test and trace app as a means to capture Covid transmission risk data and fixed locations, to provide safety scores and drive cleaning procedures.

We're all trying to be helpful, valuable and relevant to our customer base.

Back to new normal

Everyone has adapted to stay open. Done what they can to survive. And hopefully succeeded.

As abnormal service resumes, we'll all be looking to serve our customers in a way that's appropriate to the next stage of this experience.

We want to be part of the answer for the events and meetings industry. And we want to do that by adding value to the things that are challenging for you today. Right now.

So here's what we can do to help.

  • Safety procedures - new normal looks like smaller capacities, hygiene rules and strong process and audit capability. We can provide guest level registration, digital arrival, activity based cleaning and facilitate pre-packaged catering provision.

  • Staffing challenges - on-going furlough and smaller teams are likely to be an unhappy consequence of the crisis. Our system provides sophisticated online booking, a customer self-service portal and automated comms and workflows, removing big chunks of overhead from service delivery.

  • Costs - we know things are difficult. We can provide packages that are based largely on commission so fees are aligned to the success you are having in restarting operations.

  • Customer support - things aren't normal, and there will be lots of false starts and frustrations. We're a small team but we care about delivering value. We'll only survive if you do, and if we can help you get there.

We wish you all the best in getting back up and running, and as consumers can't wait to get back through the doors of your awesome venues.

If you think we can find a way to add value to your operation, please get in touch at or book a video call here

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