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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

54% of customers cite responsiveness as a reason they didn’t complete an event booking.

That’s almost half of your potential business being lost, and why? You have the space. You have the availability. So what’s missing?

The right tools.

But, only 3% of meetings are booked online.

The world has changed. Not only do people book holidays online, but they also get degrees online, keep up with family online, work remotely with companies on the other side of the world… That’s right, online. But, overwhelmingly, the events industry is offline

We want to take advantage of your space. We want to host birthdays, attend conferences and so much more but… It’s not easy, for either of us.

What’s the current formula? A paper diary. Overworked staff. Pricing kept inside heads. An enquiry form as the only customer-facing tech available. Phone calls back and forth with suppliers. Lots of steps to do anything.

Why? Well, because, ironically, you’re too busy doing all of this admin to find the solution that would save you from needing to do all this admin. 

Between our team, we’ve spent a long time working in hospitality and events. We’ve worked just about every role you can think of. From the front of house hosting events to the party planners behind the scenes and developers building the tech that keeps it all ticking. We’ve also attended a party or two.

That’s why we began to build Switch; to bring events online. Software that can offer live availability and dynamic pricing on your website so you, event managers of the world, can take a holiday without wondering a quote will come in too complex for anyone else to handle. An automatically updated online calendar so you can watch your calendar fill up before your eyes. Automated to-do lists to make sure all members of the team are on the ball and know how to prepare for the next ball you host. 

And… much, much more. So, if you’re ready to switch on the potential of your space, get in touch. 

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