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Switch isn't just for booking...

Switch is more than just events management software, it's your personal space management assistant. In this blog, we're focusing on some aspects of Switch that maybe you wouldn't have thought about.

Ticketed events

First off is, ticketed events. According to Eventbrite's 2020 Pulse Report 58% of venues are looking at hosting more events in 2020 so it's important to have software that can actually manage this.

With Switch, you can create event-specific widgets, or a compilation widget showcasing all upcoming widgets, that customers can use to book tickets and add-on optional extras giving you the chance to upsell customers who'd prefer to self-serve.

But it's not just customers who will be looked after, Switch can help you manage everything behind the scenes as well.

Block out your calendar, as well as any associated resources like food, drink, stereo equipment to make sure you're always on top of inventory.

Create automated emails to confirm tickets, create e-ticket receipts, send reminder emails and post-event feedback emails.

Event-specific agenda and function sheets so preparing for the event, whether it's a themed dinner night, open mic or a magic show is always a smooth process.


We've spent a lot of time talking to event managers and GM's across the UK, and the main point is always how reactive the day-to-day is. We've had estimates of admin taking up everywhere from 78% of the time to "Oh god, I feel like I do nothing but admin".

That admin that gets in the way of the important parts, like customer experience, hosting events and finding creative ways to use space, is a big part of why we created Switch. When we spoke to venues, there was so much they wanted to do that they couldn't because the admin involved, and the admin they already had on their plate, just didn't allow it.

Switch takes as much of that out your hands as you want.

Enquiries and bookings from your booking widget will be automatically dropped into your calendar and you'll be notified by email, or SMS if you'd prefer.

Notifications of when actions need to be taken

Event-specific agendas

Automated emails for everything from issuing invoices and post-event feedback to sending out targeted marketing campaigns.


Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Well, like most corny phrases, it is actually true. Teamwork is important for a business in so many ways, not just because its the most effective way to work but also because a happy team creates better morale which means you have happier, more motivated staff who are going to stay with you for longer.

How does Switch help? Well, we don't host monthly doughnut parties for a bit of team-bonding, we will attend if you do though, but we take a lot of stress out of the equation. One of the biggest causes of friction in a team is people being unsure what their responsibilities are, which leads to tasks not being completed, or multiple people completing the same task which can lead to customers getting confused by having multiple people ringing them for the same reason.

Switch allows you to assign tasks to specific team members so everyone is clear on their responsibilities and management can easily keep track of everyone.

Comms log on every booking page so you can quickly check, and log, communication with customers so every member of your team is up to date.

Easy to follow enquiry and booking flow so any member of your team can deal with incoming enquiries and bookings, keeping the work evenly spread between team members and not leaving one member sole responsibility.

Spreading the word

Space isn't just space. A museum might be great for a charity gala, but a kid's finger painting party? Probably not.

It's important to not just let people know you have space, but what that space can be used for. In an increasingly online dominated shopping and booking industry, customers are used to being able to filter down very specifically to find the right product for their niche.

With Switch, you can design occasions specific to venues, or rooms, as well as time periods for any seasonal offerings you have. You can assign specific resources, such as menus or equipment, and set specific pricing and availability.

All of this can then be advertised on your booking page so people will know exactly what your space can be used for, see what additional options they can add and book tours, submit enquiries or even book then and there.

This not only filters out unqualified leads who your space wouldn't have been suitable for anyway but entices 'now' customers who want to know exactly what they can get and right now.


Switch allows you the time, and technology, to offer truly tailored experiences to your customers.

Assign discount codes to contacts so you can offer personalised discount codes to repeat customers, or customers who use other services you offer or even discounted rates for charities and social enterprise groups.

Create targeted marketing campaigns through automated emails to send customers emails for seasonal events and give them first booking opportunity.

Customers information booking, including comms, recorded in one place so you can quickly get up to date and never have a customer feeling like you don't remember them.

Time saved on admin gives you more time to spend with customers and build relationships with customers that keeps them coming back for every occasion.

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