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How to help customers feel safe.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Most of the hospitality and events businesses we speak to tell us that their customers would take a bit of a clunky experience in exchange for feeling like it was safe to use their favourite venues.

For everyone from pubs and restaurant to business office premises and meetings providers, Switch has a robust contact data service - in line with government guidelines - to manage risk and provide confidence.

Record Keeping

In the absence of a vaccine, knowing about and acting upon infection risk is the next best thing to control and limit instances.

Contact tracing feels intrusive and there are GDPR considerations, but it's is a price people are willing to pay to access and feel safe at their favourite venues.

We've built services to manage GDPR compliant audit trails for pre booked guests and those arriving speculatively.

This will:

  1. Capture contact details and consents digitally

  2. Auto-send safety and social distancing information by email and SMS

  3. Check-in arrival through mobile devices

  4. Notify your venue of check-in

  5. Allocate specific, individual seats

  6. Automatically purge personal data when 21 day exposure period is finished

  7. Allow full hourly reporting of visitors - digital guestbook

  8. Run exposure reports and comms for when a Covid-19 infection risk is reported

QR code guest check-in display example - scan with your camera to complete a sample check-in

How it works


The lead booker or host is captured within the system at the point of booking, and the room / table / space they have requested is allocated to their booking.

They are sent a link to pre-register all guests based on the number of people on the booking.

Once registered, all guests receive notification of the safety processes and procedure and a link to check-in on arrival, by email or SMS. They can also use the guest portal on the system to pre-book food, drink and equipment as appropriate.

On arrival they use the link to check-in and submit their consent and preferences. The system acknowledges their arrival and captures them as in-venue and in their allocated room / seat / space on that date.

You can choose to stipulate check-in before admitting anyone, which is what the government recommends.

If guests don't consent* to ongoing marketing then their details will be auto-deleted 21 days from check-in. If they didn't visit, they will be deleted the day after the booking.

If you become aware of an infection risk on a given date, you can run a full report of attendees on the day and send email and / or SMS communications to those effected via the system.

*The consent box provides an additional opportunity for future marketing that wouldn't have existed previously.

Without pre-booking

You will display a QR code we generate for you on clear display in the window, door or on reception. This will include instructions to scan before entering the building unless you are pre-registered.

Customers will scan the code using the phones and it will generate a check-in page explaining the purpose and capturing consents.

Once check-in is complete the process follows the pre-registered flow above, but with the additional of allowing the guest to add themselves to a pre-existing booking.

Why bother?

As well as complying with government best practice guidelines on visitor books, you have a robust system in place for the comfort of staff and your customers.

Being able to proactively share this sort of approach in your customer comms and marketing gives them the confidence that you are taking things seriously and they will be protected in the event that any infection risk is discovered.

It allays concerns about visiting that just signposting, cleaning, sanitiser and distancing markers don't.

As the national contact tracing strategy ramps up contact tracers will be in touch with venues that confirmed positive individuals have reported as having visited. Being able to quickly respond to provide a list of those impacted will stand your venue out as an operator, support the overall management of the disease and help prevent a second lockdown.

Please contact us on or book a call here. We can have the system in place for you re-opening.

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