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Getting more from less - introducing Switch Customer Portal

In these challenging times we have seen the most creative solutions to doing business, and in our sector boundless energy from event and meetings professionals to find a way.

Ensuring this energy continues to be directed into valuable activity is the whole driving force behind building Switch.

And we think our new customer portal will be a game changer for an industry looking to achieve more with less. It is designed to remove the manual to-ing and fro-ing between the customer or organiser, and your venue team. To eradicate wasted time and effort spent chasing responses to questions, and subsequent delays in getting everything finalised for each booking.

In simple terms it gives the customer everything they need to plan their event in their own time, with a direct line to your teams through a chat feature to simplify the dialogue.

Take a look!

In parallel with Switch's live booking functionality, this provides a full self-service solution to your customers, taking the administration and lead time conversion issues out of the booking and planning process.

At the same time, Switch allows you to retain control of bookings in your venue by managing each within your rules on availability, pricing and service bundles, and giving you a final confirmation stage for every customer action.

And not only is your exceptional service enhanced by allowing you to focus on the value of delivering the experience, but Switch customer portal keeps your teams and your customer connected through live chat so you're there to help when they need you.

The customer portal is available to every venue who takes a Switch licence.

We have a host of short videos over on our YouTube channel if you'd like to understand more about Switch.

And you can book a demo with us anytime here.

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